A Historic Salmon Camp on The Miramichi

"It’s home away from home with a chance of catching a 30-pound salmon!"

Black Brook Salmon Club overlooks the Miramichi, the river that consistently yields more Atlantic salmon to anglers than any other river in North America. Situated on a renowned stretch of the river, BBSC's modernized camp offers all the comforts of home along with a friendly staff, delicious food and knowledgeable guides.



The club has an internet connection and local Wi-Fi.  Cell phone reception varies by carrier and is spotty in camp, but usually ok at the top of hill just before camp drive.  Please use the camp phone for brief personal calls always remembering that staff and other “sports” depend on the one line.


The temperature can vary markedly during any day.  On sunny days in July and August you can be comfortable fishing in short-sleeves between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.  Sweaters and windbreakers for the early morning and evening. On the other hand, midday temps can be quite warm so layers work well.  In early June and in the fall, good warm clothing i.e. thermal underwear, gloves, wool hats, insulated rain gear is advisable. Bring a swimsuit and rain gear.  While guided canoes are available for use under special conditions, the best fishing is by wading.     

On warm summer days low water hip waders may be adequate but we recommend chest waders.  The camp side of the river has mostly sandy bottom; the opposite side has ledges where felt or rubber soles are useful, as is the case with our Cains River water.  To lessen disease transmission, BBSC recommends the new rubber soled boots in preference to felt soles.


Most of the fishing at BBSC can be done with an 8 or 9 wgt. fly rod. Floating line will work for most water conditions, but a sink tip can be useful in very high water. Some anglers use two handed rods, either Spey or Switch rods, but they are not necessary. While a great variety of flies will work, it is always prudent to check with local shops to see what seems to be hot.


The Club urges guests to purchase licenses either online or in the local outlets.

Licenses are now available online at the following URL:

The online process requires that one first signs up for an Outdoors Card. This essentially will hold your information (not credit card info) for any further purchases. You can sign up for the free Outdoors Card and then immediately purchase the license in the next step. Since Canadian DFO requires all release, you should select the release option. Licenses are available at several outlets. Should you wish to use a credit card, payment in this form is acceptable at the Ranger Stations in Doaktown or Blackville (not open weekends), and at Curtis Miramichi Outfitters in Blackville.  Note:  The license days are calendar days which begin at midnight (beginning) of the day purchased not the time purchased.  Thus if you are in camp for 3 rod days you will need a week license as you will be fishing on four calendar days. Licenses have been available in Camp.  Season, seven day and 3 day licenses have been available.  The Club is not sure that this option will continue to be available, but if it is we request that licenses be paid for in Canadian currency only – no checks, credit cards, or U.S. specie (those who insist on using USD will be charged a conversion fee that may be above the exchange rate).  Be sure to obtain your license before fishing, as failure to do so may jeopardize the Club and could cause a guide to lose his guide license. 


All members and guests will be required to sign a Waiver and Assumption of Risk form, which has been     required by our property and casualty insurance provider.  These forms will be available upon one’s arrival in camp.


Black Brook has been a TOTAL CATCH AND RELEASE CLUB.  Now the entire Province of New Brunswick is CATCH AND RELEASE. It is THE LAW.

Also, THE LAW now requires the use of barbless, single hooks. It is the responsibility of each angler to make sure that their hooks are barbless or have pinched barbs.


We periodically smoke aquaculture raised salmon in the Club’s smoker, and in the interest of efficiency we ask you to indicate with your remittance any smoked salmon orders.  The cost is $25 CDN per side - $50 CDN – full fish, est. 5-7 lbs, payable in camp to The Head Guide  in cash.


Except by special arrangements with our guides, please do not start before 7:00 a.m.  Early fishing often is only fair. Our guides breakfast at 6:30 and lunch at noon.


Ordinarily early afternoon fishing is less productive and we would like our guides to have a chance to rest after lunch. Cloudy, rainy weather or late in the season may alter normal patterns.  The best late fishing is from about 6:00 until dark in June and July and from 5:00 until dark later in the season.  If the water is hot and low the guides may suggest an earlier start, and end, of the morning fishing.


We love dogs, but they must be the responsibility of their owner.  Club members from time immemorial have brought their dogs, but guests are asked to check with the Club member in residence on the advisability of bringing their dog at that time.  Again, we love dogs, but love those dogs best who understand the Camp and its procedures.  

Barking dogs and furniture loving dogs are not welcome.


Breakfast  is available from 6:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. – no set time.

Mid Day   The main meal is now served to all at mid day. (Please agree on the sit down time (i.e. 1:00 – 1:30) with Nelda and be on time so that roasts, steaks, etc. will be the way you order them.)

Supper  Soup and sandwiches are available from 5:30 pm on and will be prepared for self-service.  Many ardent fishermen state that it makes little sense to use  up the “withering hours”, often the best fishing time on the river, over cocktails and dinner.                                                                


Non-resident anglers must be covered by a guide at all times (3 to a guide when wading, but one to a guide when fishing from a boat).  We employ four full-time guides.  A minimum of three will be in camp during fishing hours.  Each guide has one day off each week.  A number of BBSC members possess self-guiding licenses which are to be used primarily when we are short regular guides for whatever reason.

Please feel free to ask our guides all questions you want on choice of flies, where to fish, etc.  They are reluctant to tell you what to do unless their advice is requested, but can be very helpful if you ask.  


A primary concern for all.  If fishing from a boat one is required to wear an inflatable vest.  If the water is high and the guides suggest wearing a vest, please do so.  Refusal to do so will result in loss of fishing privileges.  BBSC has an inventory of automatic inflatable vests.


2017 Guest rates are $627 per day, which is all inclusive with tips and taxes. Note that the tip is voluntary. Non-fishing guests rate is $449 per day, all inclusive.


Our groups normally rotate on Saturday.

Departing Guests  should have all personal belongings out of cabins by 9:30 a.m. at the latest (by 9 a.m. if you have a dog in camp) so the clean-up crew can go to work.  If properly licensed you are free to fish until 11:00 a.m.; however, your departure from camp is requested by 11:30.  Staff, if asked, will make sandwiches for the road.  If departing mid week, fish the morning and depart before or after lunch according to your desires, and the arrival plans of the following anglers.

Arriving Guests  should not plan on moving into cabins before noon; with fishing beginning in the afternoon


Acts of God – i.e. Sept. 11 – Full refund if impossible to reach camp – otherwise refund of 50%, should one opt out even if physically able to reach camp.

Weather – High water – low water – hot water – no refund.

River Closure – 75% of daily rod fee (but not taxes or tips) can be credited against the cost of future fishing.

Partial River Closure – Pool closed 25% credit; pool closed and time limited 50% credit – again rod fee only and not taxes or tips.

As in the past – full refund if you cancel more than 90 days prior to your scheduled time in camp.  50% refund for cancellations between 60 and 90 days before scheduled arrival in camp.  Cancellations for any reason within 60 days before your scheduled arrival in camp will result in a refund only if a replacement can be secured.

Please note that if you believe it necessary or prudent check with your travel agent about trip insurance. 


Our camp staff benefits from having uniform generous tips included in their compensation.  Therefore, you will be billed for a per diem tip as part of your regular camp charges (please note that this is a voluntary option), all staff share the “pool”.  No additional staff compensation is expected and is discouraged except for purchased flies or other special services.


Since its founding the Club has maintained a daily record of fish caught.  Copies of past books are usually in camp and available for your perusal.  We are dependent on each group taking on this responsibility and appreciate your cooperation in recording size of fish, fly used, and where caught and any other pertinent information such as water temperature and weather conditions etc.


Encourage all to be supporting members of both the Miramichi Salmon Association and the Atlantic Salmon Federation.


If any special problems arise during your visit, please contact one of the current club officers whose names and telephone numbers are posted near the telephone in the main lodge.  We would also welcome any suggestions you might have which might improve a future visit.  Please phone or drop a note to the current President, Treasurer or Secretary following your visit.

We thank you for your attention and hope your visit to The Black Brook Salmon Club will be an enjoyable one.

Tight Lines.    

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