A Historic Salmon Camp on The Miramichi

"It’s home away from home with a chance of catching a 30-pound salmon!"

Black Brook Salmon Club overlooks the Miramichi, the river that consistently yields more Atlantic salmon to anglers than any other river in North America. Situated on a renowned stretch of the river, BBSC's modernized camp offers all the comforts of home along with a friendly staff, delicious food and knowledgeable guides.



Dear Black Brook Members:

Here you will find the current schedule. The weeks that have 8 rods are full. If you should have any questions or changes, please let Linda or Tania know (

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Please note: On July 1, 2016, the GST/HST increased from 13% to 15%. Member rates for 2019 are $335.80/day. Non-fish $194.35/day

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